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Hi, there! I'm Meredyth. 

I'm a Tallahassee native, step-mom to four incredible boys (two of whom would take this moment to clarify that they are in fact men), farmhand to nine backyard chickens, and enabler to three bougie cats.


Coming from an immediate family of seven kids and now having an even bigger family with my wife, Pepper, photography has always been an integral part of remembering (and keeping track of) the special moments in my life.

I've been capturing priceless memories for Tallahassee families, brides, and grooms since 2008, and served as the Chief photographer to the Governor of Florida from 2013 to 2015.

My portfolio includes photographing for Governors Rick Scott, Chris Christie, and Rick Perry; Dan Marino, David Beckham, Tim Tebow, Vanna White, and Wayne Huizenga to name a few.

To me - pictures aren't supposed to be complicated - it's all about seizing the moment while keeping things authentic and timeless. Today's moments become tomorrow's memories. I so look forward to helping you capture yours.

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